Ringkasan Pada Layer Transport

1. Protokol pada layer transport TCP Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) adalah suatu protokol yang berada di transport layer (baik itu dalam model referensi OSI atau DARPA) yang connection-oriented dan reliable….

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10 Cara Main PUBG di PC tanpa lag dengan Emulator Noxplayer

Cara Main PUBG di PC tanpa lag                 PUBG atau Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds merupakan game yang di gandrungi remaja indonesia sekarang.Game ini…

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telegram erase messages

Telegram Provides Nuclear Option to Erase Sent Messages

Techwebdaily – Telegram Messages on Sunday announced a new privacy rights feature that allows user to delete not only their own comments, but also those of all other participants in…

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australia target tech firms

Australia targets tech firms with ‘abhorrent material’ laws

Australia has passed controversial laws which could see tech companies face penalties – including jail for executives – if they host violent videos on their platforms. The laws, billed as…

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facebook data exposed

Data on 540 million Facebook users exposed

Techwebdaily – Detailed information about more than 540 million Facebook users was left publicly viewable for months, a security firm has found. UpGuard found the massive cache of data on unsecured…

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laravel collection map

Laravel Collections – map() Method

In this post, we will look at how we can use map() method to perform some action on each element of Laravel Collections. The map method applies a given callback function to…

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laravel collections wrap and unwrap methods

Laravel Collections – wrap() and unwrap() Methods

In this post, we will look at how wrap() and unwrap() methods can be used when dealing with Laravel Collections. This is a third part of Laravel Collections Series. Laravel Collection…

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laravel collection make method

Laravel Collections – make Method

Laravel Collections Illuminate\Support\Collection class provides number of static helper functions that help us to create new instance of collection. Static API’s make method creates a new instance of a collection with the provided array. Signature…

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Laravel Collections – Introduction to Collections

Laravel Collections are one of the most powerful features of Laravel. Basically, collections are PHP arrays but it’s an Object Oriented approach to deal with PHP arrays. Laravel collections offer…

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javascript object oriented pattern

JavaScript Object Oriented Pattern : Factory Pattern

JavaScript Object Oriented Patterns – Organizing code is going to save us from a lot of pain. Using the features of Object Oriented programming, we can employ certain design patterns to…

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