laravel collection map

Laravel Collections – map() Method

In this post, we will look at how we can use map() method to perform some action on each element of Laravel Collections. The map method applies a given callback function to…

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laravel collections wrap and unwrap methods

Laravel Collections – wrap() and unwrap() Methods

In this post, we will look at how wrap() and unwrap() methods can be used when dealing with Laravel Collections. This is a third part of Laravel Collections Series. Laravel Collection…

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laravel collection make method

Laravel Collections – make Method

Laravel Collections Illuminate\Support\Collection class provides number of static helper functions that help us to create new instance of collection. Static API’s make method creates a new instance of a collection with the provided array. Signature…

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Laravel Collections – Introduction to Collections

Laravel Collections are one of the most powerful features of Laravel. Basically, collections are PHP arrays but it’s an Object Oriented approach to deal with PHP arrays. Laravel collections offer…

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laravel policies

Laravel Policies – Controlling Authorization in Laravel

Laravel Policies are a great way to protect actions on your Eloquent Model. Laravel Policies are the part of Laravel Authorization that helps you to protect resources from unauthorized access….

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custom laravel blade directive

Laravel Custom Blade Directives

Sometimes we need custom controls or custom directives to control the appearance of our views. By the time your application getting scaled, you need something reusable instead of copy pasting…

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laravel form request

Laravel Form Request Demystified

Laravel provides an incredible way to handle form requests. Laravel form request handling is a very crucial part of any application. By using Laravel for modern web application development we…

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custom validation rules laravel

Custom Validation Rules in Laravel

In this post, we will look at how we can create custom validation rules for Laravel Form Requests. In our previous post, Laravel Form Request Demystified we looked at how we can…

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custom helpers laravel

Custom Helpers Laravel

Laravel Helpers are very handy in Laravel application development probably you have used some of them throughout the development of your application. For instance, to get the current route with…

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Laravel Mail Viewer

Laravel Mail Viewer is a package by Harish Toshniwal which enables you to view all the mailable in your Laravel application from a single page. I quite like this package…

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